The Lenox Wedding: Kevin + Jennifer

Every time the opportunity of working in Boston comes around it makes my heart soar. The buildings, the way the light bounces off the beautiful cream cements, and the endless amounts of alley ways and urban locations is any photographers dream. You can probably imagine my excitement when Kevin & Jennifer hired us for their Boston wedding … there may have been a couple Irish heel clicks involved…

Three years ago we photographed Kevin’s brother’s wedding so to have another chance to work with their incredible family felt like a blessing. Plus I knew that any girl marrying into Kevin’s family would be equally as awesome! And I was right. Jen is the sweetest!! And together, you can clearly see why they’re meant to be. Goofy senses of humor, infectious smiles, and exuberance for life makes them two peas in a fun-loving pod. It was impossible not to laugh and have fun with them throughout the day, so it’s easy to say we genuinely enjoyed celebrating their love with their friends and families.

Every detail of Kevin & Jen’s wedding day was gorgeous. The best part being their decision to choose their wedding colors based on the look of The Lenox. Brilliant!! They incorporated details and decor based on what was already there and it made their entire wedding look like a story book unfolding in brilliant blues and soft golds. Jen’s suite matched the theme! Every detail down to Jen’s elegant gold and pearl earrings, Kevin’s handsome blue tux, and the shimmering gold candlelight in the reception brought the story of their beautiful wedding day together.

Congrats Kevin & Jen!!! Your wedding day was gorgeous and a true pleasure to photograph!! Wishing you many years of laughter and love.

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Getting Ready Venue: The Lenox, Back Bay Suite
Makeup Artist: Alexandra Dale from Alexandra Makeup Artistry
Dress: Marry & Tux Bridal in Nashua NH
Groom’s Tux: Blank Label
Florist: Andrea Halliday from Table & Tulip
Ceremony Location: St. Cecilia Parish, Boston, MA
Ceremony Time: 3:00PM
Reception Venue: The Lenox, Dome Room
Coordinator: Taylor Marshall from The Lenox
Cake: Jacqueline Melton from Dessert Works
DJ: DJ Jon Strader
Reception Time: 6:00PM


The Mountain Top Inn & Resort Wedding: Paul + Kathryn

Paul and Kathryn are one of those couples you dream about as clients. They’re both insanely kind, super fun, and enthusiastic about life. Plus, they were both willing to brave the freezing cold wind and snow flurries for their portraits!

Paul and Kathryn actually met when they were freshmen in college at NYU in 2003. Here’s their story in Kathryn’s words:

Paul and I have been together since 2013, but our story really began way back in 2003. I was a sassy 17-year-old Catholic school girl with a Long Island accent and Paul was an 18-year-old hockey obsessed kid from Queens. We actually met on the first day of freshman year at New York University and were next door neighbors at Hayden Hall on Washington Square Park, so it didn’t take long for our paths to cross. Paul was a veteran of dorm life after four years up in prep school, and he ended up helping me hammer a picture on my dormitory wall. But that was that. We occasionally hung out the first few weeks of school, but nothing really came of it. We even lived in the same dorm sophomore year, but we rarely saw each other. Little did we know destiny had other plans. 

We both graduated from NYU in 2007, and while our lives paralleled in many ways (living and working in Manhattan after going to graduate school there), we hardly, if ever, saw each other. It wasn’t until serendipity brought us together again as neighbors on Bleecker St., just a stone’s throw from our old NYU dorm. Destiny had brought us together once again. Boy asked girl to “catch up,” and the rest is history…

Paul & Kathryn’s wedding day was incredible. It was one of those most cliché November days I’ve seen with heavy grey clouds and leaves dancing around in the gusts of wind. We even had snow flurries! Yes, it was that cold! But despite the chill in the air and the off and on rain that morning, everyone had amazing energy and filled the getting ready cottage with laughter.

It’s clear to see how loved these two are by all their friends and family. Kathryn’s maid of honor, Ashley, and her close friend, Lee, spent most of the morning finishing up a project they’d been working on as a surprise for her. It was such a special moment when Kathryn opened the album full of personalized memories from each of her friends. Talk about thoughtful!! But the tearjerker was when Kathryn read aloud a letter written to her from Paul telling her she was the most beautiful woman in the world and that he couldn’t wait to marry her. Cue the melting hearts.

Everyone did their best to be troopers for outdoor portraits, but the later it got, the colder it got, so to say we hustled through segments of the day would be an understatement. But even though all the ladies were freezing and covered in goosebumps, their happiness was still overflowing for Paul & Kathryn. Such a great group of people to celebrate with!

The entire wedding was beautiful! The ornate church with a cathedral ceiling, the gorgeous deep cranberry dresses, hand-written signs by Kathryn’s mom, and twinkle lights dancing across the golden details and stunning florals by Jasper & Prudence in the reception barn. Ah-mazing!! The night was concluded with everyone dancing the night away to the amazing band, Search Party.

Paul & Kathryn, you are the best!! We had such a blast photographing your wedding day and celebrating with your family and friends. Wishing you both many years of happiness, laughter, and adventure!

paulkathryn__0001 paulkathryn__0002 paulkathryn__0003 paulkathryn__0004 paulkathryn__0005 paulkathryn__0006 paulkathryn__0007 paulkathryn__0008 paulkathryn__0009paulkathryn__0028 paulkathryn__0010 paulkathryn__0011 paulkathryn__0012 paulkathryn__0013 paulkathryn__0014 paulkathryn__0015 paulkathryn__0016 paulkathryn__0017 paulkathryn__0018 paulkathryn__0019
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Venue: The Mountain Top Inn & Resort
Getting Ready Location: Dewberry Cottage at The Mountain Top Inn & Resort
Dress: Martina Liana from Wedding Atelier
Hair & Makeup: Five Elements Salon & Day Spa
Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella Bridesmaid
Ceremony Location: St. Peter’s Church, Rutland, VT
Ceremony Time: 5PM
Florist: Jasper & Prudence Floral and Events
Videographer: Joel Boucher from Boucher Visuals
Photography: AbiElaine Photography
Coordinator: Chelsea Howe from The Mountain Top Inn & Resort
Band: Search Party
Linens: The Linen Shop
Photo Booth: Andy Duback from Duback Photography

Bermuda Vacation

Brian and I have looked forward to this vacation since early last Spring and I still can’t believe it’s come and gone already. We chose Bermuda for a little getaway because I’ve heard great things about it from numerous people, plus, my grandparents have traveled to the little island over a dozen times and my parents honeymooned there, so there’s obviously something special about it! The fact that it’s only a two hour flight from Boston was just a major bonus.

As we neared the island I seriously couldn’t get over the color of the water. It’s unreal! The bright turquoise water literally looked fake. Our taxi driver from the airport jokingly told us the locals wake up at 5AM every day to dump colored dye into the ocean to get the color. Ha! The sad thing flying in was realizing how much damage Hurricane Nicole had caused. Most of the foliage that’s normally a lush green was a burnt reddish color. Hurricanes bring in all the salt water which dries up and kills the foliage causing it to turn a burnt red. Bermudians just call the effect “burned”. However, even with half the foliage burned, it was still breathtaking.

We survived the maniacal taxi ride from the airport and arrived at our massive hotel, the Fairmont Southampton. It sat on top of a beautiful green hill and overlooked the incredible turquoise ocean. Such a fantastic view.  Our room was awesome! I had splurged a little and gotten a bigger room, and it was worth it.  The best part was our cute balcony that I used every morning to watch the sunrise sweep over the hotel property. Not a bad way to start the day.

These photos are a jumbled up collection of Iphone pics and camera photos. Wasn’t trying to get fancy on our trip, just wanted to have memories for us to look back on🙂

bermuda__0001bermuda__0059bermuda__0060When you have to share a bed with a sleep monster like Brian, King sized beds on vacation are an absolute must!!  bermuda__0002bermuda__0108bermuda__0015 bermuda__0003

My mom is the sweetest person ever and surprised us with delicious fruity drinks and a fresh fruit and veggie platter to snack on when we arrived. Best mom ever! bermuda__0014

When the sun started going down, we decided to head down to the Fairmont’s private beach to catch the sunset. The water is INSANE! I couldn’t stop staring at the colors and amazing rocks that have been etched and chiseled over the years. Incredible. bermuda__0004 bermuda__0005 bermuda__0006bermuda__0019 bermuda__0007bermuda__0022bermuda__0023

The Fairmont Southampton has an amazing indoor pool and spa area that is open to all guests after 6:30PM, so we went down to check it out after the sun set. Soo beautiful and peaceful…bermuda__0008

Day 2: Ferry ride into Hamilton & Crystal Caves!! bermuda__0009

Fantasy Caves & Crystal Caves:
Fantasy Caves was found by two little boys playing cricket. They lost their ball down a deep hole and decided to try to get it out. Boys will be boys! I guess they kept crawling deeper and deeper until they were in a cave that is now called Fantasy Caves. Talk about finding a hidden treasure!

Fun fact…the caves are at 100% humidity at all times! bermuda__0034bermuda__0035bermuda__0036bermuda__0037bermuda__0038bermuda__0039bermuda__0040bermuda__0027

Day 3: Relaxing beach daybermuda__0011

We ventured over to what is said to be one of the world’s most beautiful beaches: Horseshoe Bay. It really is stunning!! We frequented Horseshoe Bay since it was more relaxing than our busy Fairmont beach. bermuda__0016 bermuda__0017 bermuda__0018

bermuda__0043 bermuda__0044 bermuda__0045 bermuda__0046

Heading back to our hotel after adventuring down all the coves. There’s our hotel!! bermuda__0020bermuda__0021

Day 4: Bus ride to St. George’s!!
To be completely honest, when we went to Hamilton, I was really underwhelmed. I thought it would be completely different, so when I saw this adorable downtown area of St. George’s my heart soared! This was what I thought the cute towns should look like! bermuda__0047bermuda__0056
bermuda__0049 bermuda__0050 bermuda__0051 bermuda__0052 bermuda__0053 bermuda__0054 bermuda__0055
bermuda__0057 bermuda__0058From downtown St. George’s we walked up the road to the Unfinished Church:
bermuda__0061 bermuda__0062 bermuda__0063 bermuda__0064 bermuda__0065 bermuda__0066

From the Unfinished Church, we walked to the incredible Tobacco Bay and quickly scooted over to Fort St. Catherine’s and the beach by the fort as well: bermuda__0067 bermuda__0068 bermuda__0069 bermuda__0070 bermuda__0071 bermuda__0072 bermuda__0073bermuda-285

bermuda__0074 bermuda__0075
bermuda__0077 bermuda__0078 bermuda__0079 bermuda__0080 bermuda__0081 bermuda__0082 bermuda__0083 bermuda__0084

What happens when we try to take selfies…bermuda__0088

That’s a big ol’ Parrot Fish munching on some algae!
bermuda__0089 bermuda__0086 bermuda__0087bermuda__0085

Day 5: We walked down the Railway Trail all the way to Church Bay. It was a bit of a hike, but I was highly entertained by the fun paths, foliage, and flowers. bermuda__0048bermuda__0103

Lizard!!! Oh, and Church Bay :) bermuda__0095

And just some random photos that I didn’t really put in order. All in all it was a great trip. Superrr expensive, but great. It was just so nice to get away from all the hustle and bustle, explore a new place, and spend time with the hubbs :) bermuda__0091bermuda__0093 bermuda__0092

Oh dear…he looks thirsty…bermuda__0097 bermuda__0098 bermuda__0099 bermuda__0100 bermuda__0101 bermuda__0102
bermuda__0104 bermuda__0105bermuda__0107

On our last night we walked to a cute little restaurant down the road called Henry VIII. We had delicious sushi and concluded our trip with smiles and full bellies. bermuda__0106


The Woodstock Inn Wedding: Matt + Regina

I remember getting my first email from Regina and instantly loving her for sharing my love for exclamation points and smiley faces. I knew right away that Matt and Regina’s wedding day would be one to remember. Boy was I right! Brian and I were warmly welcomed as if we were family and it was so special to be able to witness all the love and celebrations as the day unfolded.

Everything about Matt & Regina’s wedding day was STUNNING. From the gorgeous floral arrangements placed all around the house to the small pendant Regina carried on her bouquet throughout the day that held a photo of her grandfather, her best friend. And the details just kept coming throughout the day. When I first walked into their reception tent set up in the back courtyard of The Woodstock Inn I was speechless. It was gorgeous! Even the table linens were spectacular!! Everything was soft and white with touches of gold that sparkled in the candle light. The whole night was so much fun to be a part of and Matt and Regina danced the night away surrounded by all their loved ones.

Matt and Regina are two of the kindest and most genuine people I’ve ever met. Regina’s enthusiasm for life is just as contagious as her beautiful smile and Matt’s kind character makes you feel like you’ve been friends forever. These two are the real deal!! It was obvious to see how treasured they are by all their family and friends, and now, by us too.

Congrats Matt & Regina!!! It was truly an honor to be such a big part of your wedding day and we’re wishing you all the best🙂

mattregina__0001 mattregina__0002 mattregina__0003 mattregina__0004 mattregina__0005 mattregina__0006 mattregina__0007 mattregina__0008 mattregina__0009 mattregina__0010 mattregina__0011 mattregina__0012

mattregina__0015mattregina__0017mattregina__0014mattregina__0013 mattregina__0016
mattregina__0018 mattregina__0019 mattregina__0020
mattregina__0022 mattregina__0023 mattregina__0024 mattregina__0025mattregina__0021 mattregina__0026 mattregina__0027 mattregina__0028 mattregina__0029 mattregina__0030 mattregina__0031 mattregina__0032 mattregina__0033 mattregina__0034 mattregina__0035mattregina__0037 mattregina__0036
mattregina__0038 mattregina__0039 mattregina__0040 mattregina__0041 mattregina__0042 mattregina__0043 mattregina__0044 mattregina__0045 mattregina__0046 mattregina__0047 mattregina__0048 mattregina__0049 mattregina__0050 mattregina__0051 mattregina__0052 mattregina__0053 mattregina__0054 mattregina__0055 mattregina__0056 mattregina__0057 mattregina__0058 mattregina__0059 mattregina__0060 mattregina__0061 mattregina__0062 mattregina__0063 mattregina__0064 mattregina__0065 mattregina__0066 mattregina__0067 mattregina__0068 mattregina__0069 mattregina__0070 mattregina__0071 mattregina__0072 mattregina__0073 mattregina__0074 mattregina__0075 mattregina__0076 mattregina__0077 mattregina__0078 mattregina__0079 mattregina__0080 mattregina__0081 mattregina__0082 mattregina__0083 mattregina__0084 mattregina__0085 mattregina__0086 mattregina__0087 mattregina__0088 mattregina__0089 mattregina__0090 mattregina__0091 mattregina__0092 mattregina__0093 mattregina__0094 mattregina__0095 mattregina__0096 mattregina__0097 mattregina__0098 mattregina__0099 mattregina__0100
mattregina__0102 mattregina__0103 mattregina__0104 mattregina__0105 mattregina__0106 mattregina__0107 mattregina__0108 mattregina__0109 mattregina__0110 mattregina__0111 mattregina__0112mattregina__0101



Photography: AbiElaine Photography
Ceremony: Our Lady of The Snows, Woodstock, VT
Ceremony Time: 2PM
Reception: The Woodstock Inn
Reception Time: 5PM
Florist: Kep Taylor from Summersweet Floral Designs
Coordinator: Alanna from Beauty Queen Events
Band: Lester Lanin Orchestra
Dress: Vera Wang
Shoes: Nina

Pavilion in the Pines Wedding: Chris + Jen

When we first arrived at The Chapel of the Holy Family I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. The most adorable little chapel perched on top of a hill surrounded by beautiful Vermont landscapes. It was breathtaking. I later found out that Jen’s grandparents actually built the chapel, which was why they were able to have a blessing inside!! Truly a special location for Chris and Jen to celebrate their union as husband and wife.

Jen and Chris met while attending Yale University in Connecticut. They were both on Yale’s Track & Field Team and soon found that they had a lot in common. Obviously Chris and Jen are super intelligent, but they’re also super adventurous, loyal, and a whole ton of fun! More than one of the speeches given at their reception touched on how perfectly suited they are for each other, which was pretty evident throughout the day.

All the details were tailored towards Chris and Jen’s mutual love for the outdoors and learning. From book and bookmark decorated centerpieces, to custom-made wood rounds etched with the mountain range surrounding their family’s chapel. It was so much fun to witness it all come together to celebrate their wedding day surrounded by family and friends.

Congrats Chris & Jen!!!

chrisjen__0001 chrisjen__0002 chrisjen__0003 chrisjen__0004 chrisjen__0005 chrisjen__0006 chrisjen__0007 chrisjen__0008 chrisjen__0009 chrisjen__0010 chrisjen__0011 chrisjen__0012 chrisjen__0013 chrisjen__0014 chrisjen__0015 chrisjen__0016 chrisjen__0017 chrisjen__0018 chrisjen__0019 chrisjen__0020 chrisjen__0021 chrisjen__0022 chrisjen__0023 chrisjen__0024 chrisjen__0025 chrisjen__0026 chrisjen__0027 chrisjen__0028 chrisjen__0029 chrisjen__0030 chrisjen__0031 chrisjen__0032 chrisjen__0033 chrisjen__0034 chrisjen__0035 chrisjen__0036 chrisjen__0037 chrisjen__0038 chrisjen__0039 chrisjen__0040 chrisjen__0041 chrisjen__0042 chrisjen__0043 chrisjen__0044 chrisjen__0045 chrisjen__0046 chrisjen__0047 chrisjen__0048 chrisjen__0049 chrisjen__0050 chrisjen__0051 chrisjen__0052 chrisjen__0053 chrisjen__0054 chrisjen__0055 chrisjen__0056 chrisjen__0057 chrisjen__0058 chrisjen__0059
chrisjen__0061 chrisjen__0062 chrisjen__0063 chrisjen__0064 chrisjen__0065chrisjen__0060


Photography: AbiElaine Photography
Getting Ready Location: Burke Mountain rental house
Ceremony Location: Chapel of the Holy Family
Ceremony Time: 4PM
Coordinator: Jenn Layne
Reception: Pavilion in the Pines
Florist: Peggy Bragg, Aunt of the bride
Cake: Baylow Ouillette from Baylow Cakes
Band: The Ghost of Paul Revere
Hair: Bridget’s Beauty Boutique
Dress: David’s Bridal

The Quechee Inn at Marshland Farm Wedding: Brian + Morgan

August 13, 2016.

Without a doubt, I knew it was going to rain and most likely thunderstorm at some point during Brian & Morgan’s wedding day. I went into the day prepared for that. I had even picked out locations to do portraits that were pretty much all sheltered from rain. However, after a torrential downpour during the getting ready process, the skies lightened and the rain went away leaving us with a perfect window to get all the portraits done before the ceremony. Despite the window of gorgeous misty light, the coordinator at The Quechee Inn, Michelle, made the decision to move the ceremony under the tent. The maintenance man even went into the woods to chop down a bunch of birch tree branches to hand-make an arbor for Morgan & Brian’s ceremony. And after the arbor was all put together and decorated by the amazing florist, Petals Floral Design, it looked incredible!! I think we were all thankful the coordinator had made the rain call because as soon as the ceremony started, the rain came back and didn’t let up for the rest of the night.

Brian and Morgan are evidently loved by their family and friends. It was truly a joy to be a part of their wedding day and get to witness their love for each other and the close bonds they have with the people who surrounded them on their wedding day. They even found special ways of incorporating their loved ones into the ceremony. Morgan’s close friend Megan officiated the wedding, and did an incredible job! Her father blessed their wine toast, Brian’s father read an Irish blessing, and Brian concluded the ceremony by stomping on a glass (that took a few tries) and kissing his beautiful bride.

Once the reception got going, there wasn’t a single moment when the dance floor was empty. Even after dinner was served there were still guests tearing it up on the dance floor. The Pat Roddy Band definitely kept the energy alive!!! It was so much fun singing along to their fun music and seeing everybody dancing the night away despite the rain and roaring thunderstorm that seemed to be doing a dance of its own across the night sky.

Congrats Brian & Morgan!!

BrianMorgan-001 BrianMorgan-002 BrianMorgan-003 BrianMorgan-004 BrianMorgan-005 BrianMorgan-006 BrianMorgan-007 BrianMorgan-008 BrianMorgan-009 BrianMorgan-010 BrianMorgan-011 BrianMorgan-012 BrianMorgan-013 BrianMorgan-014 BrianMorgan-015 BrianMorgan-016 BrianMorgan-017 BrianMorgan-018 BrianMorgan-019 BrianMorgan-020 BrianMorgan-021 BrianMorgan-022 BrianMorgan-023 BrianMorgan-024 BrianMorgan-025 BrianMorgan-026 BrianMorgan-027 BrianMorgan-028 BrianMorgan-029 BrianMorgan-030 BrianMorgan-031 BrianMorgan-032 BrianMorgan-033 BrianMorgan-034 BrianMorgan-035 BrianMorgan-036 BrianMorgan-037 BrianMorgan-038 BrianMorgan-039 BrianMorgan-040 BrianMorgan-041 BrianMorgan-042 BrianMorgan-043 BrianMorgan-044 BrianMorgan-045 BrianMorgan-046 BrianMorgan-047 BrianMorgan-048 BrianMorgan-049 BrianMorgan-050 BrianMorgan-051 BrianMorgan-052 BrianMorgan-053 BrianMorgan-054 BrianMorgan-055 BrianMorgan-056 BrianMorgan-057 BrianMorgan-058 BrianMorgan-059 BrianMorgan-060 BrianMorgan-061 BrianMorgan-062 BrianMorgan-063 BrianMorgan-064 BrianMorgan-065 BrianMorgan-066 BrianMorgan-067 BrianMorgan-068 BrianMorgan-069 BrianMorgan-070 BrianMorgan-071 BrianMorgan-072 BrianMorgan-073 BrianMorgan-074 BrianMorgan-075 BrianMorgan-076 BrianMorgan-077 BrianMorgan-078 BrianMorgan-079 BrianMorgan-080 BrianMorgan-081 BrianMorgan-082 BrianMorgan-083 BrianMorgan-084 BrianMorgan-085 BrianMorgan-086 BrianMorgan-087 BrianMorgan-088 BrianMorgan-089 BrianMorgan-090 BrianMorgan-091 BrianMorgan-092 BrianMorgan-093 BrianMorgan-094 BrianMorgan-095 BrianMorgan-096 BrianMorgan-097 BrianMorgan-098 BrianMorgan-099 BrianMorgan-100 BrianMorgan-101 BrianMorgan-102 BrianMorgan-103 BrianMorgan-104 BrianMorgan-105 BrianMorgan-106 BrianMorgan-107 BrianMorgan-108 BrianMorgan-109 BrianMorgan-110 BrianMorgan-111 BrianMorgan-112 BrianMorgan-113 BrianMorgan-114 BrianMorgan-115 BrianMorgan-116 BrianMorgan-117 BrianMorgan-118 BrianMorgan-119

BrianMorgan-120 BrianMorgan-121 BrianMorgan-122 BrianMorgan-123 BrianMorgan-124

Venue: The Quechee Inn at Marshland Farm
Coordinator: Michelle Campbell from The Quechee Inn at Marshland Farm
Ceremony time: 5PM
Photography: AbiElaine Photography
Florist: Petals Floral Design by Michelle Boleski
Pies: Lou’s Bakery
Band: Pat Roddy Band
Dress: W2 Watters from Chamonix Bride, Rhineheck, NY
Bridesmaids Dresses: J Crew

A Misty Stowe Engagement

The morning of Billy and Marissa’s engagement shoot was dark and rainy, but the hourly weather promised a small window of better weather. It didn’t disappoint. The sky got brighter and the rain clouds passed by as we drove to the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, I truly couldn’t believe how beautiful the day turned out!! Stowe was stunning. Misty clouds sat low blanketing the mountains and all the colors popped under the bright overcast sky. And somehow the rain held off during the entire session!

Billy and Marissa are just fantastic. They’re so down to earth and fun to be around, we spent most of the session laughing at each other’s bad jokes. Couples like this make me love my job so much more!!

BillyMarissa__0001 BillyMarissa__0002 BillyMarissa__0003 BillyMarissa__0004 BillyMarissa__0005 BillyMarissa__0006 BillyMarissa__0007 BillyMarissa__0008 BillyMarissa__0009 BillyMarissa__0010 BillyMarissa__0011 BillyMarissa__0012 BillyMarissa__0013 BillyMarissa__0014 BillyMarissa__0015 BillyMarissa__0016 BillyMarissa__0017 BillyMarissa__0018 BillyMarissa__0019 BillyMarissa__0020BillyMarissa__0034

BillyMarissa__0021BillyMarissa__0023 BillyMarissa__0024 BillyMarissa__0025 BillyMarissa__0026 BillyMarissa__0027 BillyMarissa__0028 BillyMarissa__0029 BillyMarissa__0030 BillyMarissa__0031 BillyMarissa__0032 BillyMarissa__0033

Luke + Mollie’s DIY Backyard Wedding

Mollie and I go waaayyyy back. We grew up two houses apart in Taftsville, VT and spent many days and nights playing around our neighborhood. She was and has remained one of my closest friends for over 20 years!! I seriously can’t believe that on top of all of our crazy adventures and memories I get to add “photographed Mo’s wedding” to the list. It was truly an honor to witness Mollie & Luke exchange vows, commit their love to each other and be able to capture those special moments for them on their wedding day…

Mollie & Luke’s DIY backyard wedding perfectly suited their adventurous and artistic spirits. There was so much love put into every detail of their wedding day, not a single thing was missing. Adorable signage to direct parking and the backyard celebrations, homemade dilly bean favors made by Delia (MOB), a massive homemade pie table that made everyone’s mouths water just looking at it, an incredible collection of craft beer and cider, and homemade snacks like pickled carrots and beets made by Mollie’s sister, Kal. So much love!! All the centerpieces were picked from various gardens and put together by a close family friend and even Mollie’s dress had some custom tailoring done by her mom. Everybody pitched in! Whether it be conquering the dangerous feat of hanging colorful flags high in the trees or decorating the reception tables. It was truly amazing to see everything come together.

While everyone was getting ready that morning, I was able to tweak my schedule so that I would have extra time to spend with the girls while they got ready. I didn’t want to miss anything from Mollie’s & Luke’s big day. At one point Mollie decided to practice the vows she’d written for Luke. Literally not a dry eye in the room listening to Mollie tell Luke he is “good and kind” and that “I’ve always loved myself, but because of you, I know I’m beautiful”. Mollie & Luke found their soul mates in each other, and I believe every person in that church felt it.

I’ll leave you with a segment of the end of Mollie’s vows to Luke that she read from The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman:

“I will love you forever; whatever happens. Till I die and after I die, and when I find my way out of the land of the dead, I’ll drift about forever, all my atoms, till I find you again…”

LukeMollie__0001LukeMollie__0002 LukeMollie__0003 LukeMollie__0004 LukeMollie__0005 LukeMollie__0006 LukeMollie__0007 LukeMollie__0008 LukeMollie__0009 LukeMollie__0010 LukeMollie__0011 LukeMollie__0012 LukeMollie__0013 LukeMollie__0014 LukeMollie__0015 LukeMollie__0016 LukeMollie__0017 LukeMollie__0018 LukeMollie__0019 LukeMollie__0020 LukeMollie__0021 LukeMollie__0022 LukeMollie__0023 LukeMollie__0024 LukeMollie__0025 LukeMollie__0026 LukeMollie__0027 LukeMollie__0028 LukeMollie__0029LukeMollie__0031 LukeMollie__0030
LukeMollie__0032 LukeMollie__0033 LukeMollie__0034 LukeMollie__0035 LukeMollie__0036 LukeMollie__0037 LukeMollie__0038 LukeMollie__0039 LukeMollie__0040 LukeMollie__0041 LukeMollie__0042 LukeMollie__0043 LukeMollie__0044 LukeMollie__0045 LukeMollie__0046 LukeMollie__0047 LukeMollie__0048 LukeMollie__0049 LukeMollie__0050 LukeMollie__0051 LukeMollie__0052 LukeMollie__0053 LukeMollie__0054 LukeMollie__0055 LukeMollie__0056 LukeMollie__0057 LukeMollie__0058 LukeMollie__0059 LukeMollie__0060 LukeMollie__0061 LukeMollie__0062 LukeMollie__0063 LukeMollie__0064 LukeMollie__0065 LukeMollie__0066 LukeMollie__0067 LukeMollie__0068 LukeMollie__0069 LukeMollie__0070LukeMollie__0124
LukeMollie__0072 LukeMollie__0073 LukeMollie__0074 LukeMollie__0075 LukeMollie__0076 LukeMollie__0077 LukeMollie__0078 LukeMollie__0079 LukeMollie__0080 LukeMollie__0081 LukeMollie__0082 LukeMollie__0083 LukeMollie__0084 LukeMollie__0085 LukeMollie__0086 LukeMollie__0087 LukeMollie__0088 LukeMollie__0089 LukeMollie__0090 LukeMollie__0091 LukeMollie__0092 LukeMollie__0093 LukeMollie__0094 LukeMollie__0095 LukeMollie__0096 LukeMollie__0097 LukeMollie__0098 LukeMollie__0099 LukeMollie__0100 LukeMollie__0101 LukeMollie__0102 LukeMollie__0103 LukeMollie__0104 LukeMollie__0105 LukeMollie__0106 LukeMollie__0107 LukeMollie__0108LukeMollie__0120 LukeMollie__0109 LukeMollie__0110 LukeMollie__0111 LukeMollie__0112 LukeMollie__0113 LukeMollie__0114 LukeMollie__0115 LukeMollie__0116 LukeMollie__0117 LukeMollie__0118 LukeMollie__0119
LukeMollie__0121 LukeMollie__0122 LukeMollie__0123

I love you both so much!! Wishing you many more years of adventuring and doing life together🙂

Photography: AbiElaine Photography
Getting ready location: Apple Hill Inn
Dress: BHLDN
Suit: Tailor made by Indochino
Groomsmen pants: J. Crew
Groomsmen ties: The Tie Bar
Hair: Kal Traver (Sister of the bride/MOH)
Makeup: Lindsey Ellis (cousin of the bride)
Bridal Bouquet: Morgan Perrone from Valley Flower Company
Ceremony Location: The North Universalist Chapel Society, Woodstock VT
Ceremony Time: 4:00PM
Reception: Traver Family Residence, Taftsville, VT
Tent: Under Cover Tents
Flowers: Home grown, picked, & arranged by Peggy Rost (family friend)
Pies: Homemade by Bride’s mom & Groom’s mom
Favors: Dilly Beans made by Delia Clark (MOB)

Summer Romance in Vermont

When you haven’t seen your brother and sister-in-law in over two years, you obviously drag them out to take some photos. I mean, just look at these two love birds!!!TomJenna__0001 TomJenna__0002 TomJenna__0003 TomJenna__0004 TomJenna__0005 TomJenna__0006 TomJenna__0007 TomJenna__0008 TomJenna__0009 TomJenna__0010 TomJenna__0011 TomJenna__0012 TomJenna__0013 TomJenna__0014 TomJenna__0015 TomJenna__0016 TomJenna__0017 TomJenna__0018 TomJenna__0019 TomJenna__0020 TomJenna__0021 TomJenna__0022 TomJenna__0023 TomJenna__0024 TomJenna__0025 TomJenna__0026 TomJenna__0027 TomJenna__0028 TomJenna__0029 TomJenna__0030 TomJenna__0031 TomJenna__0032 TomJenna__0033 TomJenna__0034 TomJenna__0035 TomJenna__0036 TomJenna__0037

Robert & Samantha

Once in a while you cross paths with people who are so infectious with love and joy, you walk away feeling blessed for having met them. That’s Robby & Sam. There’s no doubt in my mind that they’re both loved by the people around them. Robby’s genuine happiness and big smile are seriously contagious, and Sam’s unabandoned kindness will touch your heart. These two are the real deal. Their love for each other resonates between them even in the simple things – a loving smile, a soft touch, an inside joke that leaves creases of laughter on their faces. It was truly a joy to witness.

I woke up at 2:30AM on Friday morning to finish getting everything together for our quick trip to Berkeley, CA and was someone able to drag Brian out of bed in time to get on the road by 4AM. Our drive to Boston was less than pleasant as it was below freezing, dark, and raining. Not my favorite combo. When we finally arrived at the airport we realized that we didn’t even have enough time to get waters or snacks and we ended up practically running to our gate to be the last to board. Arriving in San Francisco exhausted was completely worth it just to feel the warmth and see so much green!! I kept exclaiming, “Look! Flowers!!” That’s when you know you’re from New England, hah!

Our hotel, The Claremont Club & Spa, literally looked like it came out of a magazine. We spent our first hour just staring at all the decor and the amazing views from every window and balcony. It was stunning! We thought we’d seen it all until we started adventuring around the little side streets of Berkeley. Holy moly is Berkeley beautiful!!! I literally couldn’t control my excitement as we walked around pointing out some of my favorite things like Lavender and Wisteria. My heart was singing!

Robby & Sam’s ceremony location at the UC Botanical Garden was INSANE. I couldn’t get over the towering redwoods that surrounded the amphitheater, it literally looked like it came out of a fairytale. But even more beautiful than the location was their ceremony. Complete with a symbolic tree planting, really thoughtful speeches from both sets of parents, and a whole lot of love that they sealed with a kiss.

Robby & Sam, thank you so much for having us!! You’re both incredible people and I have no doubt you’ll touch many lives. It was truly an honor to be a part of your wedding day and we wish you both much happiness, laughter, and adventures!! Congrats you two!!

RobertSamantha-001 RobertSamantha-002 RobertSamantha-003 RobertSamantha-004 RobertSamantha-005 RobertSamantha-006 RobertSamantha-007 RobertSamantha-008 RobertSamantha-009 RobertSamantha-010 RobertSamantha-011 RobertSamantha-012 RobertSamantha-013 RobertSamantha-014 RobertSamantha-015 RobertSamantha-016 RobertSamantha-017 RobertSamantha-018 RobertSamantha-019 RobertSamantha-020 RobertSamantha-021 RobertSamantha-022 RobertSamantha-023 RobertSamantha-024 RobertSamantha-025 RobertSamantha-026 RobertSamantha-027 RobertSamantha-028 RobertSamantha-029 RobertSamantha-030 RobertSamantha-031 RobertSamantha-032 RobertSamantha-033 RobertSamantha-034 RobertSamantha-035 RobertSamantha-036 RobertSamantha-037 RobertSamantha-038 RobertSamantha-039 RobertSamantha-040 RobertSamantha-041 RobertSamantha-042 RobertSamantha-043 RobertSamantha-044 RobertSamantha-045 RobertSamantha-046 RobertSamantha-047 RobertSamantha-048 RobertSamantha-049 RobertSamantha-050 RobertSamantha-051 RobertSamantha-052 RobertSamantha-053 RobertSamantha-054 RobertSamantha-055 RobertSamantha-056 RobertSamantha-057 RobertSamantha-058 RobertSamantha-059 RobertSamantha-060 RobertSamantha-061 RobertSamantha-062 RobertSamantha-063 RobertSamantha-064 RobertSamantha-065 RobertSamantha-066 RobertSamantha-067 RobertSamantha-068 RobertSamantha-069 RobertSamantha-070 RobertSamantha-071 RobertSamantha-072 RobertSamantha-073 RobertSamantha-074 RobertSamantha-075 RobertSamantha-076 RobertSamantha-077 RobertSamantha-078 RobertSamantha-079 RobertSamantha-080 RobertSamantha-081 RobertSamantha-082 RobertSamantha-083 RobertSamantha-084 RobertSamantha-085 RobertSamantha-086 RobertSamantha-087 RobertSamantha-088 RobertSamantha-089 RobertSamantha-090 RobertSamantha-091 RobertSamantha-092 RobertSamantha-093 RobertSamantha-094 RobertSamantha-095 RobertSamantha-096 RobertSamantha-097 RobertSamantha-098 RobertSamantha-099 RobertSamantha-100 RobertSamantha-101 RobertSamantha-102 RobertSamantha-103 RobertSamantha-104 RobertSamantha-105 RobertSamantha-106 RobertSamantha-107 RobertSamantha-108 RobertSamantha-109 RobertSamantha-110 RobertSamantha-111 RobertSamantha-112 RobertSamantha-113 RobertSamantha-114 RobertSamantha-115 RobertSamantha-116 RobertSamantha-117Getting Ready Location: Claremont Club & Spa, Berkeley, CA (Room 808)
Ceremony Location: Berkeley Botanical Garden
Ceremony Time: 3PM
Reception Location: University Club at Memorial Stadium – Chancellors Box
Reception Coordinator: Erin Rugala
Reception time: 6PM
Photographer: AbiElaine Photography
Florist: Amy Burke Designs
DJ: DJ Epik, Dustin Worswick
Makeup Artist: DollFace by Casey, Casey Ngyuen, BeautifulOne Makeup Artistry, Becky Lau
Hair: Noemi Anaya
Dress: Turdy’s Brides, Campbell, CA – WTOO by Watters, Persiphone Gown
Shoes: Steve Madden
Hair Piece: Twigs & Honey
Tuxes: IndoChino
Bluegrass Band: The Cherry Pickers